About the Surveyors...

Based in Canmore, Alberta and founded in late 2012, the Surveyors are a group dedicated to bringing fictional mountain stories to light.

Our focus is on new ways to tell the stories of the mountains, especially the Canadian Rockies, in fictional ways - a genre that is currently under-represented in the literature of the peaks.

We want to reimagine the unknown, rediscover the blank spots on the map, reawaken the conjured dream that leads to expeditions and adventure.

In the great tradition of the surveyors that mapped these lands, we want to set up a metaphorical theodylite and bring the glass to bear on something unexpected...

That's our focus: fictional mountain stories told in new ways. Hence our name:

Imaginary. Mountain. Surveyors.

Mountain Fiction Bibliography

Here is a list of titles we feel encompass the spirit of our focus.

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