Submitting Stories...

We are interested in both short and long-form fiction.

If you have a novel-length project, please contact us to discuss.

Alternatively, if you have a single short story (max 5000 words) that we might be interested in, we do buy these for upcoming collections. We pay 10 cents a word (on final edit length, and will purchase outright (rights and all). Please ensure that the manuscript is a PDF file, that the layout is readable, and that your name, page number, and title appear on each page.

Contact / Submit to us via

Submission Criteria

We will not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

We do not publish poetry.

We accept email introductions. All projects will be handled on a one-to-one basis. We want to talk to you and find out what you're dreaming up, and that is best done talking in person.

Please understand that we work with a very defined niche: Mountain Fiction. This means our projects MUST fit both of these definitions:

Any type of story that fits this bill could be considered: a fictional guidebook, an imaginary map, an encylopaedia of lost mountains, or a film of a concocted journey.

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